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Series Fused .34Ω

Series Fused .34Ω

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Designed for stacked tubes & series devices
Also beloved on regulated box mods & high ohm set-ups
Renowned for its simplicity, performance & dependability 

24mm+ atomizer recommended 

Best with
Unregulated Series/Stacked Device
Regulated Box Mod 100w+

  • Crafted from the highest quality Nichrome 80 on the market 
  • Packaged by the set (pair of 2)
  • Coils come standard with a 3mm Inner Diameter & 8 wraps
  • Thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner & inspected before shipment
  • Handcrafted in the USA, made to order
  • Coil resistance (Ω) is for the pair of coils after they have been pre-fired

Coil resistance may vary (+)or(-) depending on the devices being used & the length of your leads
Coil resistance is per set after pre-fire
Coil Clout products are intended for advanced users who are familiar with Ohms Law & battery safety


Original Build Concept By: @squidoode
Variant inspired by CC tricker team member @croooms_tcl