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At Coil Clout, you will find strictly the best products, prices, quality, cutting-edge tech, customer service, the endless pursuit of our team to never stop looking to improve, even when we are just shy of a decade in, hands down. We are the industry leaders and are unrivaled in all categories.

Email: CoilClout@gmail.com

Cell: 631-522-6557 (Jonathan)

-Jonathan, Coil Clout Founder

-PROUDLY manufactured in the USA
-Premium quality alloys
-Flawlessly spooled 100% of the time
-Made to the absolute highest standards
-No kinks. No tangles. No oils. No sketchy alloys
-Highest quality and LOWEST prices on the market

32-40 gauge 1000ft lengths may come as 2x 500ft spools

Turnaround time for spooled wire may vary
The VAST majority of orders are shipped immediately, In some very rare cases, they may take up to 2-7 days to process and fulfill. If this rare case occurs, you will always be notified and receive an extra item with your purchase.

Alloys are a commodity that must be sourced and manufactured to perfection. Your understanding is greatly appreciated

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10 spool minimum
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