Handcrafted Wire Sticks

Greetings & welcome to Coil Clout! You've come to the right spot and are now truly in the best of hands

Here, at Coil Clout, we are an outfit consisting of 13, full-time team members of the most skilled, talented, loyal, and dedicated souls in the entire industry plus our dozens and dozens of promoters

Our service is true "White-Glove Treatment" on all purchases of any size. We are truly unrivaled in all categories

Our flawless quality, extensive catalog, prices, turn-around-times, customer service, cutting-edge technology, constant sales/promos, curating limited edition and/or rare products, acquiring already incredible companies and improving them, bringing companies back from the dead, and too many more things to list. I'm 100% confident and comfortable in saying that we ARE the industry leaders and for the last several years have done more for the industry than any one person or company alive

The more we grow, the more we can do. Tell your friends about us!

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