Clapton Staged Alien .10Ω
Clapton Staged Alien .10Ω
Clapton Staged Alien .10Ω

Clapton Staged Alien .10Ω

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The Clapton Staged Alien brings everything you love about the traditional Alien with an additional strand of lower resistance claptoned wire placed parallel to the Alien. This "Staging" process allows for quicker ramp-up time & sharper flavor notes unseen by an Alien on its own.

Known for
Instant ramp up, sharp flavor notes, wicking, & cloud production

Best with
Regulated Box Mod 100w+
Parallel Mech Mod

Do not install on series or stacked devices (low Ω)

  • Crafted from the highest quality Nichrome 80 on the market 
  • Packaged by the set (pair of 2)
  • Coils come standard with a 3mm Inner Diameter & 5 wraps
  • Thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner & inspected before shipment
  • Handcrafted in the USA, made to order
  • Coil resistance (Ω) is for the pair of coils after they have been pre-fired

Coil resistance may vary (+)or(-) depending on the devices being used & the length of your leads
Coil resistance is per set after pre-fire
Coil Clout products are intended for advanced users who are familiar with Ohms Law & battery safety