Voltrove 1.1 BORO RBA ("BLEM")
Voltrove 1.1 BORO RBA ("BLEM")
Voltrove 1.1 BORO RBA ("BLEM")

Voltrove 1.1 BORO RBA ("BLEM")

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The ("BLEM") Voltrove v1.1 is the official Voltrove 1.1 BORO RBA with a supposed minor cosmetic imperfection. The blemish is completely unnoticeable 99.99% of the time, if at all, and does not impact the device's performance whatsoever.

Neither the CC team nor any of the 100s of people who have received & closely inspected the "BLEMS" from us have ever noticed a single imperfection and we are still moving them for over $55.00 UNDER the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). WHAT. A. DEAL!

Snag them up while you can! The performance, versatility, and price make the 1.1 one of, if not the best BORO RBA on the entire market today

Note: Supply is now officially SUPER LIMITED ON ALL 1.1s and will sadly fully sell out very, very soon, "blemished" or otherwise. ALL perfects are completely sold out, as well as the Blue "BLEMS". Only a handful of Black and SS "BLEMS" remain.

Note: With the automatic discount at checkout and free shipping, this product sells for under $83.00!

Voltrove BORO RBA V1.1

Upgraded Chimney, Boro Tank, and Refill Plug.

Main Features:

  • Postless Design
  • 1 x Boro RBA Tank (DIY)
  • Boro Compatible
  • Billet box Compatible
  • Use Large or Small Coils


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • PCTG custom boro
  • Postless deck
  • Unique airflow design goes through the body for a silky smooth draw
  • 4mm chimney (comes with 3mm and 2mm chimney reducers)