Stupefy Atty
Stupefy Atty
Stupefy Atty
Stupefy Atty

Stupefy Atty

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Surprise attys are back in stock!

Stupefy (verb) "be mystery or bewildering to"


4-Tier Surprise for attys





Each atty is worth roughly 50%-100% MORE than its price tag on any time. This is ALL from my personal stash and every item is top-shelf, brand new, or hardly used at all.

Note: Some attys may be sent with no box and/or replacement parts as they are all from my personal stash. If this is the case I'll send even more goodies to make up for it!

Please note you will receive either an RDA or RTA unless you request a specific one. If you want to be surprised leave the note blank! In most cases, you'll receive an RDA.

I've collected about 500 pieces of personal Hardware over my decade in the game and it's time to spread some love. Many of the attys are rarer than rare, foreign/limited edition/single batch/super high end, some are custom and have never been sold or seen before, plus i of course have multiples of all the classics. New and hardly used.

You WILL BE SHOCKED and happier than a MFer with what you receive and the price you paid, 100% guaranteed. All sales are final.

Note: There is no list of all the attys in stock as I simply have too many to count and even now I am STILL opening boxes filled with attys I forgot I had or misplaced during the move to our latest HQ

Just like the previously sold Authentic Goon RDAs (Still have a few left), there is no specific selection. Most of these items are completely brand new / untouched and all from my personal stash. Some of it is lightly used. Whichever tier you buy from, $50, $100, $150, or $200, you will get a MAJOR HOOK-UP beyond belief and receive product(s) worth well more than the price tag

Consider this a hardware surprise garage sale where everything is HOOKED UP BEYOND IMAGINATION!


-VERY SLIGHTLY Used. (Used only a handful of times, essentially brand new)