Staggerton (.10Ω) (Limited Edition) (SOLD OUT)
Staggerton (.10Ω) (Limited Edition) (SOLD OUT)

Staggerton (.10Ω) (Limited Edition) (SOLD OUT)

The brand new Limited Edition Staggerton (.10Ω)

Due to extremely high demand and limited supply, we request you please purchase no more than THREE SETS per customer per order. Your understanding & support is greatly appreciated

Compared to our Small Mass version of the same variant, the Staggerton has lower ohms, is slightly larger, and chucks FOR REAL. These are for savages only who like rowdy and immense flavor.

The Staggerton contains round wire frames and staggered stacked ribbon in the core that is then finally fused around the frames within the spaces of the staggered core.

The Staggerton is one of the most exotic and flavorful builds on the market. Also, one of the most versatile. Suitable to shine on both mechanical and regulated devices

Alloy: Nichrome 80
Resistance: .10Ω per set
Inner Diameter: 3mm
Wraps: 5
Leads: Standard (Kinked)

Note: Due to the time and effort/skill required to craft this incredible variant, the current price is a STEAL. Soon, they will go up to $30.00 per set